Welcome to Citizens Swap-N-Shop!

Citizens Swap-N-Shop is a website and a televised show that allows you to buy, sell and trade items that you no longer want or need. Think of it as a Garage Sale on TV!

This FREE service is available 24/7 and airs on Citizens' CCTV, Channel 20
Daily at 10:30am, 5:00pm, and 10:00pm.

Citizens' Swap-N-Shop is EASY TO USE

  • Upload photos, description, and contact information. (Try to keep to description to 25 words or less)

  • Or call 745-SWAP (7927) with a description and contact information to sell your items. Please speak slowly and clearly. A Citizens representation may contact you for additional information.

  • Citizens is not responsible for misspellings, pronunciations, or misinformation. Citizens is not responsible for payment, shipping, delivery of items. This is a free public service and payment is between buyer and seller. This is not for personal services or to advertise business. Citizens reserves the right to decline submissions based on content.

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